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Das EAQC test center





Exactly what is EAQC?

European Aviation Qualification Center

EAQC is a business unit and brand of interpersonal GmbH.

The EAQC carries out validated diagnostic testing services for Airlines in Europe and the Middle East for assessing the qualifications of aviation personnel.

The EAQC compliance standards and processes are regularly defined and controlled by a body of experts of the contracting employer in a specific non-profit legal form.


 The EAQC - Test Platform

Provided you are in the process of an application process at one of the cooperating airlines, you can log in here and try out the EAQC test surface and practise with several example tests:

xto the EAQC - Test Center


EAQC Competence - based aptitude diagnostics for quality control in aviation.



The EAQC test system, valid applicant selection for aviation!

  • WBT test batteries for all technical aviation professions calibrated and validated according to EU guidelines.
  • Basic Qualification tests can be integrated directly into your online-applicant management-system.
  • Basic Qualification tests for all relevant areas of competence as well as personality traits.


The EAQC assessment, the fair and accurate candidate selection! 

  • Highly valid, psychological, diagnostic selection process and assessments for the aviation industry!
  • Specialised inventories for flight attendants, pilots and operational management!
  • Recruiting- and selection solutions for qualified personnel in integrated processes!


EAQC skill tests, compelling work samples in a simulator 

  • Psycho-motor aptitude test on MOZARD / FNPT for Pilots / flight school applicants
  • Proficiency Skill Tests on FNPT and all common FBS /FFS-simulators for pilot applicants.
  • Standardised, qualified experts from various areas of aviation and companies!



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