What does this regulation mean for your aviation company?


The regulations from the EASA AMC.1.CAT.GEN.MPA.175 (b) define the requirements for the selection process for pilots who are to work for a complex operator. But even non-complex operators have to orient themselves to the regulations. According to the definition from the regulations of the EASA AMC.1.CAT.GEN.MPA.175 (b), a complex operator is a flight operation that employs more than 20 FTE pilots.
But what do the regulations say in detail? As the person responsible in your flight operations, what do you have to do in order to recruit pilots in accordance with the rules?
The air operator is obliged to carry out an aviation-psychological assessment within the scope of the selection process at least 24 months before the start of the line-flying of the pilots. This aviation psychological assessment, which we call Corporate Qualification, must check the following areas:

  • Cognitive Abilities
  • Professional and Operational Competencies
  • Personality Traits
  • Social Competencies according CRM principles


The "cognitive abilities", i.e. the mental abilities of the pilots, are checked with us as part of the basic qualification. The "Professional and Operational Competencies", the flying skills and abilities are part of the simulator screening. The "Personality Traits" and "Social Compentencies" are carried out as part of the psychological assessment. At interpersonal, this step is called Corporate Qualification. Due to these requirements, a three-stage selection process, as recommended by the IATA, is the optimal process to meet the needs of your aviation company in a targeted manner. Our team of competent and experienced assessors and aviation psychologists is ready to work with you to define the optimal, flexible, fast and economical process for your pilot selection.




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Our Pilot Aptitude Testing, the Basic Qualification in a new format. Recognized by many of our partner airlines. With the Basic Qualification ip Certificate you can qualify for many airlines. Don't waste time, the certificate is valid for 2 years and can be repeated after 6 months. It gives you an overview of your performance in our modern test procedures for Pilot Aptitude Testing according to the standards of IATA and EASA.
The results will be recognized (with the appropriate performance) by many attractive partner airlines and you can immediately qualify for the next selection step. For more information, click here.




The developments of the last weeks and months have dramatically changed aviation. Changes that were unimaginable until recently have become reality. Airlines and workplaces that until recently were a pillar of strength are shaking in the crisis. People are fearing for their jobs, many have already lost their jobs and have to reorient themselves in a limited labour market.


We are rethinking our products. We are facing the challenges.


We are prepared to meet the demands to which we are committed as service providers in aviation. Under the umbrella of the EAQC, the European Aviation Qualification Center, we offer services and support for pilots and young pilots. The focus in this area is on the assessment and promotion of skills. In particular, it is concerned with assessing the current situation as well as training and support services with which pilots can maintain and improve their qualifications and skills. The European Aviation Qualification Center EAQC will supplement our selection services with a wide range of offers for people in aviation. We won't leave you alone in the crisis, but will be at your side with our new divisions in the usual quality. We are pleased to present the European Aviation Qualification Center EAQC with the following service offers to you:


career.check Pilot


Becoming a pilot is the dream job for many young people. However, it is precisely today that we are being reminded how badly aviation is being hit by the crisis. Almost worldwide, entire fleets of aircraft are parked. Airlines, which have just made billions in profits, can only be maintained with government funding. The economic risk for prospective pilots is immense due to the high training costs

Find out whether you are suitable for the job. Reduce your personal risk and let the market leader in pilot selection test, advise and inform you. At this moment this offer is available for the german market only.




This area of the European Aviation Qualification Center offers consulting and coaching products for pilots. In the context of the Corona Pandemic, pilots affected by the crisis are offered coaching sessions with qualified experts. The aim is to determine the current situation and to explore supporting and qualifying possibilities in the current individual situation.




Due to the corona pandemic and its extreme effects on the economic, professional and personal situation of pilots, here you will find a list of contact persons, associations, organisations and other contacts who offer further help for a wide range of problems. We will help you so that together we can master the challenges of the coming weeks and months.


At your service





The EAQC, the European Aviation Qualification Center is a brand under the umbrella of interpersonal III. As the management of these areas, we are committed to the high quality standards of our aviation customers. Our modern top management combines expertise from aviation psychology and pilot education and training. We work together with our team of more than 20 psychologists, 40 training captains and 20 test managers. Trust our experience of more than 12 years in the selection of aviation personnel. If you have any questions or need advice, we would be very happy to hear from you. We are here for you.