Our Basic Qualification ip Certificate



The Basic Qualification ip Certificate for Ready-Entry Pilots


With the Basic Qualification ip we offer you the opportunity to qualify now for a future position in the cockpit of our partner airlines. The Basic Qualification ip is a product at the highest quality level. It fulfills the recommendations of the IATA and the requirements of the EASA from the regulations of AMC 1 CAT.GEN.MPA.175 (b). Use your time to be one step ahead today. In contrast to an assignment by the various airlines, after the Basic Qualification ip, you will receive a personal certificate as feedback on your results. All test procedures that potential employers also expect are carried out in the required quality.

At this point in time, the Basic Qualification ip is recognized by the following partner airlines:







* valid for DHL Air Austria and DHL EAT

** The general approval regulations of the airlines apply.

*** minimum requirement is a valid CPL/IR for participation.


Further airlines will be joining shortly. The Basic Qualification ip is currently valid for 24 months and will be recognized during the selection process for attractive partner airlines. If you participate successfully, your achievements in the Basic Qualification ip will be recognized and you will immediately qualify for the next selection level, usually a screening in an FFS / FNPT simulator. The successful Basic Qualification ip gives you access to an accelerated selection process. The Basic Qualification ip can anytime be repeated. The Basic Qualification ip includes all relevant test procedures, the testing of your psycho-motor skills and the implementation of a personality questionnaire. You must have a valid CPL/IR to participate at a BQ ip.
The following test procedures are carried out in detail:


  • Aviation Knowledge
  • English Proficiency
  • Mathematics
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Concentration
  • Mental Arithmetics
  • Perception
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Memory Action
  • Psycho-Motoric Abilities
  • Personality Questionnaire





The Basic Qualification ip at a glance:



  • 10 modern test procedures out of the EAQC test-center of interpersonal III
  • Testing of your psycho-motor abilities
  • Pilots Personality Questionnaire
  • Duration: 1 day at the EAQC test-center of interpersonal III in Hamburg
  • Recognized by attractive partner-airlines
  • Validity: 24 months

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