EAQC Cabin.


As part of the EAQC Cabin, different, tailor-made solutions for the selection of flight attendants and pursers are offered. The range of offerings is broad and includes the selection of flight attendants for the low-cost area through to business and VVIP private aviation. Standardized test systems are available for checking the skills relevant to fitness, which can be used both for pre-selection and as part of selection events worldwide. Depending on the profile searched, these include e.g. Language skills, general education, mental skills and service knowledge. This pre-selection is tailored to your needs and ensures the high quality of the applicants. These services are supported by our skypool services. The skypool, a brand of interpersonal, offers you the full flexibility that your company needs to manage your fleet through the possibilities of hiring out employees. A good choice in the short, medium and long term. 


Individual or group interviews, group and service exercises in line with requirements, presentations and role plays are used in selection events to check the fit to the respective requirement profile. Here the relevant personality traits such as Teamwork, resilience and service skills considered. Depending on requirements, selection days can be held with many candidates or small groups, and online interviews are also possible.