Corporate Qualification


The regulations from EASA AMC.1 CAT.GEN.MPA.175 (b) oblige air operators to carry out an aviation-psychological assessment. This regulation affects all flight operations with more than 20 FTE in the cockpit workstations. The following areas must be checked by an aviation psychologist:

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Professional and operational competencies
  • Personality traits
  • Social competencies in accordance with CRM-principles


Our corporate qualification is the last component in this 3-stage selection process required by EASA. In addition, in the Corporate Qualification, the suitability of an applicant is checked for the specific job profile of the employer. In this, often final, selection step, the focus is on personality traits; technical, flying skills and cognitive abilities are tested in other selection steps. This is why corporate qualification is also known as personality assessment. As a rule, the corporate qualification consists of several elements. At least one detailed individual interview is to be expected in which the résumé and the motivation for the respective position are discussed. Depending on the profile and requirements of the employer, additional elements are carried out, such as personality tests, group exercises, communication tasks, scenarios or role plays. Our competent team of experienced selection captains and aviation psychologists will support you in the EASA-compliant selection of your pilots.


Lufthansa-Group Assessment


As part of the Ab-Initio selection for the ATPL flight training at the European Flight Academy of the Lufthansa Group, in which one can work for various airlines that promote the program after successful completion, the term LH-Group Assessment is used for this step of the personality assessment. Here, too, the fit of the personality with regard to a specific requirement profile is examined. The requirement profile is defined by the experts of the EAQC, SWISS and the European Flight Academy and monitored by the Performance Review Board of the European Flight Academy.