The screening


Screening is an important element in the pilot selection process. Here, the applicants have to prove their skills in the simulator. We carry out screenings for all aircraft types all over the world. Our assessors are all long-standing type rating examiners who work as trainers and examiners for leading airlines in Europe. Their many years of expertise and a well-founded, standardized training as cockpit assessors of the EAQC guarantee you the highest degree of objectivity and validity. The performance assessment is carried out according to the competence assessment model of the EASA and the recommendations of the IATA on training of aviation personnel. Standardized programs and documentation guarantee you high quality in the selection process. Does your company want to conduct the screenings with its own personnel? No problem. We provide you with competent advice. We train your staff and provide you with reliable documentation and standardization. Whether on a full flight or fix base simulator, we offer you our screenings tailored to your needs and quality requirements. Efficiently and reliably. 



Next Generation FNPT Diamond DA-42 


We recommend our customers not to test applicants with limited flight experience in full flight simulators of modern jet aircraft for their flying skills. We are convinced and our studies confirm it, that a selection procedure should be used to test those skills and abilities of an applicant which correspond to the performance profile of the applicant. Pilots with little flight experience are available for the job market after completion of their flight training and have little or no experience on commercial aircraft. Our next generation FNPT Diamond DA-42 picks up exactly at this point, where applicants can demonstrate the skills they have acquired during their flight training. Our FNPT is equipped with a high performance Garmin G-1000 avionics system to cope with the glass-cockpit design of modern jet aircraft. The screenings are conducted in the same quality and according to the same specifications as all our screenings. Needless to say, screening in the FNPT is also carried out using the EASA competency assessment model. Our renowned customers from the Lufthansa Group trust this philosophy and their good experiences can be confirmed by our research results.


Our "Improved Climb" feedback project


A special quality feature is our quality control through the feedback project "Improved Climb". For quality assurance and improvement, the performance of successful applicants in later training is permanently monitored and compared with our selection results. The Improved Climb project ensures transparency and direct quality control by our clients. This ensures a high quality of selection and our customers can immediately check our performance. With the implementation of this procedure, we have consciously taken new paths in the selection process, and we have fulfilled our quality promise to our customers and applicants.