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Due to the corona pandemic and its extreme impact on the economic, professional and personal situation of pilots, contact persons, clubs, organizations and other contacts are listed here who offer further help for a wide range of problems. We help you so that we can master the challenges of the coming weeks and months together.



Pilots for pilots. Aviation Quality Association.


This campaign is intended to support pilots who have been economically troubled by the COVID-19 pandemic and who need support to maintain their type ratings and licenses. The Aviation Quality Association e.V. is based in Hamburg and aims to set standards for the aviation industry and to develop new concepts for the selection of pilots. The following rules apply to the use of this program:


  • The support from the network of type rating examiners of A.Q.A e.V. is free of charge.
  • The pilot is supported according to the "trust" principle. A.Q.A e.V. reserves the right to refuse support in individual cases if there are legitimate doubts as to the credibility of an application for support.
  • Support is reserved for pilots who have run into financial difficulties.
  • The inspection flights are carried out in accordance with the statutory provisions and guidelines, a guarantee on the part of A.Q.A. e.V. to extend the licenses and type ratings can of course not be given. As always, the pilot to be tested bears the risk. A license can only be extended if you have sufficient flying skills.
  • The pilot under test bears the cost of the necessary simulator time. A.Q.A e.V. supports the pilots in their search for a suitable flight training device.
  • Membership in the Aviation Quality Association is not a prerequisite for participating in the promotion, but is desirable.
  • The following type ratings can currently be extended: Airbus A320 Family, Boeing B737, Airbus A330, Boeing B757 / B767.
  • The following type rating extensions are possible on request: Airbus A380, Boeing B747, Avro / Bae146, Embraer E190.

More information can be found here: www.aviationqualityassociation.aero