EAQC career.training


On the one hand, it is important for pilots to obtain qualifications in the form of licenses, authorizations and flying skills. On the other hand, the maintenance and expansion of the necessary skills for the pilot profession. This area includes e.g. occupational skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership behavior and decision-making skills. AQCareer.training contains various training and learning opportunities for these qualifications and skills. Trust our experts in obtaining your licenses, strengthen your skills so that you can assert yourself in the competitive job market. Especially in times of changing general conditions in aviation, it is of enormous importance for pilots not only to meet the legal requirements for obtaining a license. A continuous training program according to high quality standards in combination with further education offers on training topics should maintain and deepen the proficiency of the pilot. We will publish very attractive offers on our website in a timely manner. Be curious about our products, which are currently being developed with our experts and partners.